Oval Lamp Set w/250ml Neutral and 250ml Ocean Breeze
The Lampe Berger Frosted Ice Cube Gift Set, A comforting, woody and fresh fragrance. The Festive Fir fragrance is presented in a new lamp gift box.
The Festive Fir fragrance is a winter celebration. Includes a frosted lamp cube and a fresh 8.5 oz (250 ml) fragrance of pine, eucalyptus, fir, balsam with hints of cedarwood and sandalwood. A woody and refreshing scent. For a calm and comforting experience.
HEAD NOTES: Green notes, pine needles, clean notes
HEART NOTES : Balsam of fir, pine, eucalyptus, raspberry
FLOWER NOTES: Sandalwood, Cedarwood
The Lampe Berger has a unique and patented diffusion system that helps eradicate undesirable odors and bacteria while also diffusing your favorite fragrance. Purify your air the French way.
Lamp sold in a gift pack with accessories: wick-burner, Shiny silver straight diffuser cap, stopper, and funnel + 250 ml (8.45 oz) Festive Fir home fragrance. 
Fragrance is dye free. 
Lampe Berger uses the disinfecting action of heating isopropyl alcohol to purify the air by breaking down the impurities on a molecular level. It collects and destroys bacteria and foul odors, and increases the oxygen level.