24-7 Reusable tote / shopping bag.  Award winning patented design transforms from bag to ball in seconds!
This premium reusable bag is strong, foldable, eco-friendly & machine washable.
It is ideal for everyday activities such as grocery shopping, carrying your lunch or taking it to the gym, the beach or on a picnic.
Keep it in your car, handbag or backpack with you at all times. It's even small enough to fit in your jacket pocket! The 24-7 bag is the perfect durable and reusable shopping bag but also works a treat for almost any occasion.
A smart and versatile option to help reduce your single-use plastic!
Bag Size - 30.5 x 35.5 x 13cm
Ball Size - 7.5cm in diameter
Weight Capacity - 15kgs
Compacting System - premium stretch and rolls up like a sock ball
Material - ripstop nylon
Felt Patch - helps keeps the bag on your shoulder
Care - machine wash cold, hang to dry