Apron made by the lovely people at Ulster Weavers. 
This design has been created for cat lovers by a cat lover. It depicts cats doing what they do best � relaxing! The illustrations are in pastel shades with navy on a seafoam green background, a top colour trend right now. Pattern and colour are added onto the cushions and rugs, the perfect lounging places for our chilled-out felines.
Ulster Weavers Home Fashions prides itself on the production of high-quality linen and textile products. Every product is designed in Northern Ireland and the company still relies on the knowledge of 135 years in the production of textiles. To meet the demands of a 21st-century market, production takes place in various sites throughout the world, but the process and the quality of the end product is still controlled in Northern Ireland.
Kitty Cat Apron by Ulster Weavers made of 100% machine washable cotton

Approx size; 70cm wide x 95cm tall.
Comes with front pocket, adjustable neck straps and waist ties